Are you looking for a supplier of wine making enzymes who can cater your specific needs for customised blends of enzymes for any application in wine making?

NATUZYM®: customised enzyme formulations for Wine Making

Grapes are the main raw material in wine making processes and the production of wine vinegar. The process involves ethanolic fermentation of grapes or grape musts with yeast.

NATUZYM® enzyme products are used to increase the preliminary juice extraction and obtain more high-quality wine in winemaking. The enzymes facilitate extraction of sugars, colour and aroma, as well as ease the filtration of the mash. These product features generate benefits such as reduction of pressing time, and improved wine quality due to the extraction of grape varietal aroma and polyphenols. In the manufacture of red wine, pectolytic (pectin degrading) enzymes enable clarification and improve colour extraction.

WeissBioTech offers full customization with our NATUZYM® non-gm made enzyme products for wine making, that can be blended in any desired composition.

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