Starch & Alcohol

Are you looking for certified and tailored enzyme products that meet your highest standards in starch to alcohol conversions?

DELTAZYM®: customised enzyme formulations for Starch & Alcohol Processing

WeissBioTech caters in particular starch processors and distillers who utilize wheat as their principal raw material and who are looking for food grade compliant enzyme solutions that allow for efficient distilling of both food- and technical grade alcohol. We recognise this integrated set of customer needs by ensuring our DELTAZYM® enzyme product range fits with your entire process including separation, viscosity control, liquefaction, saccharification and breakdown of compounds such as proteins, xylans, beta-glucans, amylose and amylopectin. DELTAZYM® enzyme products provide for superior viscosity reduction allowing lowest use of water. In addition, our enzymes stand out for their functionality in a broad pH- and temperature range allowing processing under variable conditions, thus giving you highest flexibility.