16 January 2023

WeissBioTech adds two tailored product modules, resulting in a complete and repositioned DELTABREW® offering to brewers.

The global brewing enzymes market is projected to reach USD ~500 million in 2023. The use of enzymes has become increasingly important in the brewing industry. To enhance the brewing process, enzymes are used in various steps to make the brewing faster, easier, and more consistent.

Mr. Pieter-Jan Heijkoop, Director at WeissBioTech: ‘’The demand for brewing enzymes in the beer segment is expected to witness significant growth, due to the rising popularity of beer consumption in general, rise in technological innovations, and growth in the craft beer segment and number of microbreweries. The growth of brewing enzymes can further be attributed to the increase in the production of flavoured beers, and gluten-free beers.’’

Enzymes are added as processing aids to optimise brewing during mashing or fermentation for increasing the production of fermentable sugars, to aid the mash filtration, to speed up the maturation process and in the case of low-calorie beers: to decrease the amount of carbohydrates in final products. Today's brewers face new challenges and opportunities due to the many beer fashions and trends. It is critical to fully appreciate the nature of the available raw materials and each unique brewing process.

WeissBioTech offers the brewers around the world a complete range of safe, compliant, economic and customized enzyme solutions for malting, cereal cooking & mashing, fermentation, attenuation & filtration, beer maturation and stabilization. To fully address the latest needs in brewing, WeissBioTech added two modules that allow brewers to choose the best ready-available enzyme mix for their process.

DELTABREW® Lautermax module includes a range of enzyme preparations for hydrolysing beta-glucans, pentosans and related carbohydrates:

  • Improves wort separation rate and efficiency of lautering and mash filtration;
  • Reduces risk of haze in beer due to beta-glucans;
  • Reduces variations in process due to crop quality;
  • Improves efficiency of beer filtration.

DELTABREW® Attenumax module includes a range of saccharifying enzyme preparations for the increase in attenuation during mashing or fermentation:

  • Increases the quantity of fermentable sugars;
  • Reduces residual carbohydrates;
  • Improves level of attenuation;
  • Removes hazes in beer due to starch;
  • Shortens fermentation time.

DELTABREW® PURE was launched by in 2022. The protease enzyme eliminates chill haze formation during cold storage and provides beer and foam stability.

  • It is derived from non-GM fermentation processes;
  • It has no negative impact on beer taste;
  • It is active and stable even at cool fermentation temperatures;
  • It optimizes cost-in-use / brewing economics.

WeissBioTech GmbH is a leading provider of tailored ready-to-use enzymes for the Food and Beverages Industries. Located near Frankfurt Germany, WeissBioTech supplies to multinational food brands and private label manufacturers of fruit juices, wine and beer, and processors of sugar, starch, potable alcohol and dairy. WeissBioTech is part of BRAIN Biotech AG since 2014.

Contact: Ludwig Klermund – l.klermund@weissbiotech.com