25 May 2022

WeissBioTech adds NATUZYM® MAX Extra, a self-cloned pectinase for pulp maceration & mashing in apple and & pear juice.

NATUZYM® tailored enzyme products are well-known by the Fruits & Vegetables processing companies as reliable solutions for improving economics and processing efficiency. Typically, enzymes such as pectinases, cellulases, beta-glucanases and hemi-cellulases are used to improve fruit juice production for achieving higher yields, better solid-liquid separation, juice filtration, depectinisation and concentration. WeissBioTech has now fully completed their broad portfolio of enzyme solutions with NATUZYM® MAX Extra self-cloned pectinase.

NATUZYM® MAX Extra contains different pectinase activities such as pectin methylesterase (PME) and polygalacturonase (PG), in an optimized ratio, required for ideal apple and pear maceration. It can be used at ambient temperature for the maceration of apples and pears processed for clear juice and concentrate.

Dr. Ludwig Klermund, Managing Director and responsible for Product Development, explains: ‘’NATUZYM® MAX Extra is a pectinase preparation from enzymes made by selected strains of Aspergillus niger. It is used as pulp macerating and mashing solution that has been specifically developed for increasing press capacity and juice yield. NATUZYM® MAX Extra is unique in the industry as it combines highest quality, application robustness, economic cost-in-use and full compliance in all relevant countries and areas.’’

The pectinase enzyme complements the WeissBioTech product portfolio for apple and pear juices pressing:

  • NATUZYM® MAX Ultra: Classical pectinase for non-gm and clean label requirements.
  • NATUZYM® MAX Extra: Self-cloned pectinase combining best quality and global compliance.
  • NATUZYM® MAX Extra Plus: GM-made pectinase for best processing efficiency and economics.

WeissBioTech GmbH is a leading provider of tailored ready-to-use enzymes for the Food and Beverages Industries. Located near Frankfurt Germany, WeissBioTech supplies to multinational food brands and private label manufacturers of fruit juices, wine and beer, and processors of sugar, starch, and potable alcohol. WeissBioTech is part of BRAIN Biotech AG since 2014.

Media contact: Nico van Schoot, n.vanschoot@weissbiotech.com