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The fruit juice industry is being presented with an interesting range of pectinases, amylases, arabanases and other carbohydrases. The enzyme preparations are invariably by classic fermentation and are being sourced and commissioned form all over the globe. Its is WeissBioTech GmbH know-how that allows us to combine, blend and formulate those into a broad and extremely well performing product assortment to service the processors of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

The abundantly available application expertise has helped to design products to improve the processing apples, pears, citrus and stone fruits and fruits such as peaches, strawberries and many other berries. Also the processing of carrots, olives,  cranberries and grapes can benefit from yield improvement and better process ability resulting from the tailored usage of specific enzyme preparations. Ask how our technical and application know how helps you to select a better performing alternative from the WeissBioTech range of products. The products of the WeissBioTech assortment almost invariably are products with Kosher and Halal status secured.