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The bio-ethanol and alcohol industry is serviced by WeissBioTech with a series of performing enzymes.
In collaboration with its global partners, WeissBioTech can now provide enzymes that stand out for their functionality in a broader pH and temperature range allowing them to be used under different conditions resulting in greater flexibility.
In addition, the WeissBioTech product assortment also provides for a superior viscosity reducing enzyme that allows mashing at higher dry matter.
The enzymes and the application process provide for higher efficiency and yields under practical conditions.

The enzymes are selected to allow greater flexibility, for instance due to the excellent low-pH stability of our Alpha-amylase the liquefaction process can take place at pH 4.2 4.5 allowing a lot of back-set herewith saving significant amounts of caustic and acid.
This makes the overall process more efficient and also gives a lower bacterial contamination.
The new viscosity reducing enzyme is also more efficient and works in very short times, meaning that a pre-liquefaction tank no longer needs to be available, since a holding tube is sufficient. Again this leads to significant savings in the building and later in energy and operations. Our process provides the highest yield in the industry.
The product assortment offers the best possible options for liquefaction, saccharification and viscosity reduction.
The assortment is extended with performing alcohol yeasts and selective preservatives.