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WeissBioTech GmbH was founded in 2002 – first named as Add Food Services GmbH – with the aim to develop, produce and market food additives such as preservation systems, processing aids, enzymes & etc. for industries such as the dairy, meat and food industry in general. Soon after the creation of the company it became clear that there was a strong demand for enzymes and also for an additional enzyme supplier as the enzyme industry had concentrated significantly over the last decade.

Our enzymes are used in the production of alcohol, bio-ethanol and starch. The use of living cells - from yeast, moulds, bacteria and plants - and enzymes in industrial processes to produce products that require less energy, are more easily degradable or create less waste during their production is called “White Biotechnology”. Since this is exactly what we do, we have decided to rename Add Food Service GmbH to WeissBioTech, GmbH. We are a German based and registered company, the German for white is weiss, hence our new name, WeissBioTech.

The management and the employees of WeissBioTech GmbH have many years of experience and a broad specialized knowledge. We bring both into action for one common cause: To provide the best possible service to our customers.